JPII Students Pest Trapping with Papa Taiao

At JPII we are looking at a variety of ways to increase student engagement through meaningful local learning opportunities.

This week 13 of our students enjoyed such an opportunity by participating in a two-day short course on pest trapping through Papa Taiao this week. 

Our students worked with the facilitators from Papa Taiao and a group from Greymouth High School, where they learnt the fundamentals of small mammal trapping, trap safety, trap building, and baiting. Even Miss Hutchinson, set a trap and managed to do so without trapping her thumb, unlike one of our boys!  Students put their skills and knowledge into practice at the Blaketown Cycleway. Students also earnt NCEA credits for their work. 

There is an opportunity for enthusiastic and committed students to participate in a 40-credit long course during 2022, where they will hone their predator controls skills in the bush, whilst developing teamwork and business skills. If that sounds like something your child would be interested in, let us know.

We would like to acknowledge Lara Thompson at Grey High for extending this opportunity to our students and we look forward to building a successful partnership, so our students have great access to environmental education on the Coast.

For more information about Papa Taiao courses and ethos, check out their website