Flight Attendant Training Course

As the travel bubbles open up in the Trans-Tasman and Cook Islands we see more and more opportunities for employment in our Airline industry.

ITC graduates gaining new roles with Air New Zealand over the last month is a true indication that our Aviation industry is already growing. 

 We have an opportunity for students to learn more about this incredible sector. 

Up to date information about the role of a cabin crew member and of course the chance to walk away with 3 credits, level 3 in just two days.

Our experienced tutor has previous industry experience and up to date knowledge about our industry. 

 Students will experience quality education and valuable information and skills that are very transferrable in a number of industries. 

10-11 August – Flight Attending Short Course
Antarctic Centre, Christchurch
US 23755, Level 3 completed

Focussing on customer service & personal presentation. Highly practical and a real eye opener about the reality of this role. We give students who attend this an update of the industry now and what is also required from any successful applicant.