Leaving school during the school day

A reminder that no student can leave the school grounds unless parents have contacted the school attendance officer or school office (email or phone) prior to the student leaving.

Students will not be allowed to leave if we have not heard from a parent. 

If we are able to, we will phone parents to check if we haven’t heard from them, however, as this will happen around existing workloads for office staff or deputy principals, students cannot leave until we have parent confirmation. 

Abuse of staff by students will not be tolerated, and students who leave without parental permission will be considered truant and may be referred to the attendance service.

We’d like to hear from parents by 8.30am on the day of any appointments at the latest, parents are encouraged to contact the school any time prior to the day of the appointment so we can add this to student attendance notes. The sign out process will be quick and easy if this is done.

Students are doing a very good job this year of making sure they sign in and out on the office iPad, which is fantastic. When they use the iPad, the notes they add are recorded straight to their attendance notes for that day.

Year 13 students have an arrangement for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday second break (lunchtime) where they can leave without parent permission but must follow the code of conduct that they established or will lose the privilege.