Who has the cutest pet at JPII?

This weeks photo Competition topic has been hotly contested, particularly in the Office!

We have had so many entries this week, and again, the standard of the photographs is really high.  The subject matter has been adorable and much adored by students and staff alike.

The winner of the photo showing true temperament must go to Ella's photo of her cat.  The video I saw of this wee character showed he is a cat on a mission when it comes to food!

Oldest pet on display must go to Sammi F, her old dog certainly hasn't let age diminish his spirit if his photo is anything to go by!

The winner of Student Photo is Olivia Johansen, not only does her photograph show her many and varied pets; Goats, Parrot, Cat, Dog - she was also in the photo!  Well done Olivia, JPII's own Dr Dolittle.

Cats with their tongues out had quite a strong showing, the best of these was Ms Campbell's cat Missy.  What a tongue, great photo Miss Campbell.

The award for most persistently proud parent has to go to Ms Hutchinson - repeatedly informing all around that her Allan is just the most handsome boy in the world - he is certainly the most pampered - stretched out on his (?) bed taking up way too much room than should be allowed.  (He is the beautiful ginger boy sleeping like a human in Miss Hutchinson's bed).

Jessica McEwan has the honour of owning the most Gangsta cat with his shades on - he's one cool dude Jess.

We had guinea pigs (Mr Steggles), and dogs (Mr Ching's 2 on the beach) in various settings, a bird, but cats are quite clearly the most popular pet to have at JPII - or perhaps they simply take beautiful photos because they don't do much during the day!

These photos show we all love the animals we share our lives with and every photograph is the winning one, because it has been taken with love.  

However, the 3 kittens sitting in a line on the cushion was deliciously cute!

Next Weeks subject is: NATURE

We are looking forward to seeing the results.