John Paul II High School - Opening Mass - Wednesday 11am

Kia ora

Since there will be a whole school mass next Wednesday there will be a change to the advertised program for next week.

Students MUST arrive at school on Wednesday IN THEIR UNIFORM (for next week only!)

8:35 – Students go to their DEAN assembly location

8:35 –9:15– Dean assembly time (complete Bluelight survey)

9:15-9:45 – Students go to hall - Police in to talk about Blue light Bootcamp.

9:45-10:15 – Morning Break

10:15 – Students walk to St. Patrick’s Church (together as a school)

11.00 - Mass (parents and whānau very welcome)

After Mass, students make their way back to School – all students should be back to school by 12.30-12.45 at the latest.

12.45-1.25 - Lunch Break (may begin earlier than 12.45 for a slightly extended lunch time).

1.25 - Clubs time