And.. just like that we are back for another year of sports!

Starting off the year Westland High School hosted the Senior Tennis Tournament. JPII had five players enter this competition, Lochie Gibson, Toby Sharp, Liam Donaldson, Terence Guilder and Brian Collins.

Our goal for 2023 is to get more students involved in a range of sports. All levels of ability were represented for the Tournament.

Toby, Terence and Brian had great rallies, show good technique while playing and take away some wins throughout the tournament. Lochie and Liam played off in the semi finals to see who would secure a place in the finals. The boys played an awesome semi final showing great skills, Liam took the win. Liam was set to play a full game against Jake (Greymouth High School). The finals were played by current club members, making it very intense. Liam’s skills outshone his opponent and he took the win, winning the WCSS Tennis Tournament 2023!

1st Liam Donaldson

4th Lochie Gibson

Well done to everyone who competed!