From the Principal

Kia ora

It was a great pleasure this week to attend our school production "The Land of the Moa" by George Leitch. The actors were outstanding, and the props amazing.  Well done to JR Nazareno for the set design, and Kelly Jordan for her very front of house welcome. Thank you to Jonathan Goodall for the lighting and sound, and Andy Smith for taking photos/videos and helping out with the sets and props.  A very special thanks to our wonderful Drama teacher Susan Smith for her dedication to putting this performance on under very trying Covid conditions - she certainly brings out the very best in the students.

Our Year 11-13 mock exams were completed this week, and staff are now busy marking these.  Well done to all our senior students who worked really hard on these exams. Final reports will be emailed to parents on 16th November.

Unfortunately all inter-school sports/competitions have been cancelled for this year. The new Covid policies put in place have made it too hard for schools to comply at short notice.  We will be holding a junior volleyball tournament within our school - details for this are being finalised.

Covid-19 Public Health Order 

This Health Order was finalised earlier in the week by the government.  Everyone who works at a school and may have contact with students or be present at a time when children and students are also present, must have had their first dose of the vaccine by 15th November, and be fully vaccinated by 1st January 2022.  This includes unpaid workers such as volunteers, eg. parent helpers on school camps, coaches, managers etc.

We have also been asked to collect the vaccination status of students.  If possible could you please email a photo of your child's vaccination card/proof to:; for her to add to our records.  I have attached the Privacy Statement below in regards to the gathering of this information, it will also be published on our website, follow this link:

This Health Order includes a legal requirement that all students in Yrs 9-13 wear a face covering (mask) on any school transport services at all alert levels.  Please ensure your child has one each day so they can put it on before entering a bus to come to school, and again to go home.  If they are in the school van the same rules apply.

I know this is a lot of information to take in.  New information for schools is coming out daily, and we are trying to keep on top of it all.  I am sure more measures will be put in place now Covid is in the South Island.  I will keep you all informed.

Kia Kaha

Angela Sloane