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Development West Coast Scholarships

Scholarships are being offered to students going on to further training or education to encourage our talented young people to live and work on the Coast.

Development West Coast offers four Tertiary Scholarships annually to first time tertiary students as a means to provide a pathway for West Coast students to attain tertiary qualifications and return to the West Coast to undertake their career.

The scholarships are awarded to students who plan to embark on tertiary study. Scholarships are held for the duration of the student’s undergraduate degree programme, up to a maximum of 4 years, in a suitable field providing that the scholar achieves at least a B average each year and makes satisfactory progress in all respects.

The annual amounts are the sum of NZ$5,000.00 in year one, $7,500.00 in year two and $10,000.00 in year three [and year four if the qualification requires four years or more] of study, to assist towards the costs associated with the study undertaken by the student.


Successful applicants will need to:

  • reside on the West Coast or be able to demonstrate a substantive connection to the West Coast;
  • be entering tertiary study for the first time;
  • demonstrate a willingness to undertake paid work experience at a West Coast business in their annual academic break; and
  • demonstrate a willingness and commitment to return to the West Coast for employment post tertiary study.

Applications close at 5.00pm on 22nd November 2021

For more information contact: