Catholic Character

Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras! A competitive time for the Pancake races, congratulations to all participants in the event. 

Shrove Tuesday

Whanau groups gathered for Ash Wednesday liturgy. The theme this year is “Peacemakers”, calling us to be present and have presence for each other. Black ribbons replaced ashes. Many thanks to all Whanau teachers who guided the students through this Liturgy. We are still unable to gather as a whole school due to regulations.

Confirmation, receive the holy spirit. Candidates are invited to see Mr Ellis or Ms Pope and register. This will take place on 18th May. Feast day of the school Hone Paora Tuarua, John Paul II.

March 11 is our opening school Mass to be zoomed into Whanau groups at 8.45am.

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March 18 is Caritas fundraiser for Tonga, house colours competitions, games, BBQ. A gold coin donation.

The foci for week 2 of lent is Together, so let us offer a prayer for those alone or isolated.

Loving God,

e te Atua o te aroha,

Help us to work together

to share what we have

so that everyone has what they need.

Help us to build a better world

where each of us can become

the best person we can be.


Ms Pope

Te Kaiwhakahaere o te tūnga whakapono 

On Tuesday, Raphela, Ciaran, Libby, Kyra, Kurt and I attended a Caritas zoom call with 3 other schools. We talked about the principles of Caritas and they got us to experience what other countries go through, who are greatly supported through Caritas, through a simulation game. They also helped us brainstorm ideas that we as a school can participate in during this time of lent and Social Justice Week. This includes the ‘Move it’ challenge where you walk long distances, the ‘Sweat it’ challenge where you work under demanding conditions, the ‘Stop it’ challenge where you give something up, and lastly the ‘Live it’ challenge where you experience life in someone else’s shoes. This get-together with the other catholic schools was a great eye-opener to see and learn about the countries in need and how we can support them.

Written by Jasmine Paneda


On each Friday in Lent there are Stations of the Cross at 5.30pm

in St Patrick’s Church.

Everyone is welcome to attend this prayerful time in the lead up to Easter


Week 1: 4 March C.W.L 



Spending time in prayer before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is a recognition of his wondrous

presence and channel of great graces for ourselves, the whole Church, and the world.

We can adore Him really present when in the tabernacle, or exposed in the monstrance.

We can thank him for his goodness, seek forgiveness for sin and ask him for all our needs.

If anyone can fill some gaps please ring Jim Costello , ph 7311496.