School Bus Update

Harkerss would like to begin by thanking parents and caregivers for their patience during the first half of Term One this year, regarding ineligible students.

Harkerss have received many requests for ineligible transportation from families for their children to attend schools in the Greymouth area. Unfortunately, we have received more requests than seats available on many of the school bus routes. 

The numbers provided from the Ministry of Education during the tender process were for eligible student transportation only, therefore the buses Harkerss has allocated to each run match the numbers provided by the Ministry of Education. 

This has resulted in no extra seats being available to transport ineligible students on many of the runs.

Unfortunately, the following school Bus Routes have NO SEATS available for ineligible students:

D110201 – Hokitika

D110202 – Rotomanu

D110203 – Totara Flat

D110205 – Cobden

The following school Bus Routes HAVE SEATS available for ineligible students:

D110207 – Blackball

D110209 – Runanga

D110210 – Punakaiki

If any of the above information/numbers change, we will keep the schools updated.

If you would like to register your student/s for a seat on one of the available bus routes, please email Attention: Jo Dibben. Please state the following:

· Parent/caregiver name:

· Bus route registering for:

· School attending:

· Name of each student:

· Year level of each student:

· Copy of school bypass letter where applicable:

· Email address for correspondence:

· Billing address:

Please note, all ineligible students are charged $200 per term, per student, for the 2022 school year. This is to be paid in advance each term.

We request the above information from all parents/caregivers using the service, including parents we have been communicating with recently. It is important that we have up to date and accurate information for all students traveling on school buses. 

Ineligible students are not the responsibility of the school your child is attending, or the Ministry of Education - this is a private arrangement between you and Harkerss.

Ginny Terry