Refreshing how we look at Hauora at JPII

At JPII, we take student safety and wellbeing seriously.

All students deserve to work in a place that is supportive, welcoming and free from bullying and harassment. 

As part of our hauora and wellbeing refresh, we are beginning a campaign to raise awareness of what bullying behaviour is, the serious impact it can have on victims and bullies, and working through restorative means to address the harm and repair it.

Bullying is when one student (or a group of students) keeps picking on another student again and again to make them feel bad.

They say or do things to upset them, make fun of them, stop them from joining in, or resort to physical violence.

This is not OK. There is no place for bullying at JPII!

All students are encouraged to call out bullying behaviour when they see it or hear it. Throw-away comments about race, gender, hair colour, weight, sexuality are not tolerated. 

It isn’t big to make others feel small.

We encourage all students who need support to speak to a trusted friend, teacher or staff member so we can offer support, and put an end to any behaviour that is negatively impacting them. 

We will work together to ensure JPII is a safe and enjoyable place for all students.