The factory never sleeps

Congratulations to Mawhera for winning this week’s photo competition! The rivalry was pretty relaxed this week but nonetheless, the pictures produced in this round are absolute rippers.

The winner for this week’s photo comp is Daniel Cresswell with his many photos of the Westland Milk Factory. However, his winning worthy picture was the shunter parked under the old loading bay roof. Congrats DC!

Runner up is Raphaela Roper for her many entries for this week! Her Runner Up picture was a close perspective shot of a tyre rim. The reflection and colour in her composition are very complementary of each other and her other pieces are great entries as well.

The Unique award goes to Zak Klempel for his shots of Mount Sewell. An interesting choice of edits in his pictures but nonetheless it certainly gives a lot of character. Good Job Zak!

Probably the most surprising entry for “Industrial” this week would be Riley Fairhall's shots of his day out in the weekend. Ultimately, these pieces have deemed Riley the winner of The Controversial Award!

The Machinery Award goes to Quinn Berry for his quaint picture of a tractor working in the morning. The composition is simple but captures the very essence of farm life. Way to go Quinn.

Next week’s theme is: “SUNSETS”

Looking forward to seeing your best works and remember guys, keep on Snapping!