JPII is a BYOD school which means all students need to bring their own laptop computer to school.

Currently we have a number of students who have their own computers but do not bring them to school. 

This is putting a strain on our small supply of devices for those who do not have their own machines, resulting in them missing out. If you’re having trouble supplying a device, please let us know so we can support your child with a school device.

If your child does have a computer, please can you have a chat with your child about:

  • Whether their device is in working order or requires repair?
  • That they charge their device and bring their charger to school daily – a flat battery is an all-too-common excuse for needing a school device
  • Bringing their computer daily - “I forgot” will no longer allow them to take one of our devices. This is part of good self-management and being organised to learn.

If you are in the market for a new device, please see the above flyer from Noel Leeming. You will get a preferential rate when using this flyer. The school is moving completely to Microsoft at the end of this year, so please do not spend money on a new chromebook as we will be operating fully out of Microsoft suite.

If you have any questions about IT at JPII, please get in touch with Madeline Campbell.