Wednesday 16 March - Year 11-13 Students

We all know it can be super embarrassing to talk about sex, especially to our teenagers. We also know that they live in a pornified culture whereby so many of our teens are getting their sex education from porn and the internet. 

That’s why we have invited Sexwise, a national sexual health programme for secondary school students to JPII next week. The Sexwise programme enables youth to gain current, accurate information about sexuality and healthy relationships in an engaging workshop environment.

How does it work?

Every student experiences two steps

Step 1: Watch the performance

  • Breaks down barriers
  • Identifies real sexual health and relationship issues and negative behaviours
  • References current & accurate information relevant to curriculum/year level

Step 2: Workshop in class groups

  • Opens discussion of issues which arise in the performance
  • Further explores sexual health ideas, facts, statistics and corrects misinformation
  • Reflects on behaviours that can impact sexual health & well being
  • Uses peer to peer problem solving to build the confidence of the class

Sexwise work in other Catholic secondary schools, and their work is endorsed by the Ministry of Health. For more information, please visit the Sexwise website, and follow their links for parents that details how this fits into each curriculum level.

If you don’t wish your child to participate please email