by Mrs Smith

Weekly photo competition “International Women’s Day” winner is Anahera B

What a fantastic way to start off the Weekly Photo Competition.

Anahera B certainly captured the theme with their magnificent display of International Women!  

Runner Up and the winner of the Best Blue Sky Award is the photograph of the 2 sets of legs.  Although, Ms Hutchinson did comment that she hoped it wasn't taken in school time as they are not regulation shoes and socks!

The Empowerment award is to the wonderful photo of our Rollerskating Beauties.  The slogans surrounding the image are great and help us remember how great it is to be a woman.

Prize for best (controversial) idea for a modern Catholic Church goes to Mac Gibson and his portrait of himself and Ms Pope.  Ordination for Catholic women, well done Mac!!

In fact Ms Pope featured strongly this week - she appears with Emma modelling today's must-have accessory - the 'outdoor mask', and an image of the next step on her career path??

Ms Hutchinson was a popular model as well, with the brilliant image of her hard at work in her office, although perhaps a bit of subliminal manipulation is going on with her sitting in front of her entries in Take the Shot......

However, the prize for choosing the best subject matter has to go to Riley and Emily for their photographs! Your photos are the best because of their subject matter!

We have some amazing photographers here at JPII and we are really looking forward to next weeks theme:     PETS

So keep an eye out for that perfect shot of your pets at home or on the farm and send it in.

Send in a brief description of your photo including your pets name, (no more than 2 sentences long) as well as your name.