Shepherd’s delight

Once again, congratulations to Mawhera for winning this week’s photo competition. Thank you Mr Steggles for judging this week considering the competition was a fierce one. A lot of entries of sunsets, so many in fact that we have to lower the number of entries to only 1 or 2 per photographer please!

The winner for this week’s photo comp Mr Ellis with his great shot of sea bubbles glistening over rocks. A stunning picture incorporating the light of the sunset!

Runner up is another Mawhera member, Zak Klempel gets the Runner up award for his lamp post picture. Vibrant with colour and the contrast between the post and the sky are very complimentary! Congrats Mawhera!

Now this may be upsetting for someone, but Mr Steggles was the judge, so we have to go with his word. The Staff Award for this week’s sunset goes to Ms Beach for the great shot out of her bedroom window. The intense yellows and contrasting blacks are what won Steggs over. (Sorry Ms Hutchinson)

The industrial award goes to Michael for his great shot of his digger in the background. Quite a quaint picture of his property taking in the setting sun.

Last but not least, the unique award goes to Mr Ching for his superb shot of a sunset captured by his side view mirror. It looks like you’re watching a little TV of Rapahoe beach! Good on ya Ching!

There is no theme for next week as it’s the last week of term and everyone will be busy with schoolwork.

However, the big photo competition…


So, make sure to enter your work to so you can take part of the competition and be in to win $100 gift card voucher from Stuart Nimmo. 

One photo per category for students and staff and make sure it’s taken by your SMARTPHONE. 

Good luck guys and remember to take the shot!