JPII Students Strike Success in University of Otago's Senior Science Quiz

Open to students in Y11, 12 and 13, each year the University of Otago runs its Senior Science Quiz

This year JPII students Libby Boddy, Fin van Mierlo, Corianna Kitchin, Jack Byrne, Jasmine Paneda and Riley Lindsay all participated in the Universtiy of Otago Senior Science Quiz.

Students are expected to answer 45 multiple choice questions in 50 minutes (under exam conditions) with questions suited to their year level.

Huge congratulations to all 6 students that entered this year with an extra shout out to Finn who achieved a Merit and Libby who was 3rd equal overall!

Hopefully, we will see more students enter next year! Libby and Finn will both receive a certificate and a share in the thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes.