Corianna - St John Ambulance District Cadet of the Year

Congratulations to Corianna Kitchin for achieving great results with St John Ambulance recently. We are very proud of your achievements and wish you the best of luck for Regional Cadet of the Year selection. Corianna shares her story below:

On Friday the 13th August I had District Cadet of the year selections in Hokitika. There were 3 other participants also going for the position. The selection process included team building exercises to show how well we worked as a team. We then had to prepare and present a 5 minute presentation on anything that was important to us. I decided to do my presentation on 5 pieces of advice I have been given, and why they are important to me. I chose this because these lessons are the morals and values that have helped me to develop as a person.

After the presentations I was then interviewed by a panel of about 5 or 6 people. The selection process finished at around 10pm. We then had to wait until Sunday the 15th August to find out the results at our annual District Prizegiving. It was there that it was announced that I am the new District Cadet of the year for 2022 (or youth ambassador for the West Coast). My job in this role is to help make the youth voice heard, run the youth advisory panel for the West Coast etc. This is an amazing opportunity and I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to make a difference. 

Due to me getting the District Cadet of the year for the West Coast, I have been the opportunity to run for the Regional Cadet of the year, which means I would represent the South Island if I were to get that position. The selection for RCOTY (Regional Cadet of the year) will be held on the Saturday the 28th August (tomorrow over zoom).  I will give a 10 minute presentation over zoom since we are unable to meet in person, as well as be interviewed. I am competing against 10 other individuals from all over the South Island and am looking forward to it.

By Corianna Kitchin