by Madeleine Castle

Careers Update

Covid-19 and this lockdown has necessitated a lot of changes to the way we have previously done things. However, we are quickly moving to the end of the year.

For those students looking at heading to university next year, enrolments, scholarship and residential applications still need to be completed.  

The first step is to go your chosen university's website - they have all made provision for the restrictions we are living under, and many now have virtual open days scheduled as well as the ability to communicate with your chosen faculty online.

If the tertiary institution has onsite accommodation, there will be links to the application process and any required forms, be quick as a lot of these will soon be closing.

Then Scholarships - there are so many different scholarships available to 2022 undergraduates, Money Hub is a fantastic website with all of the available scholarships in one place.  Remember to look at all categories and don't just limit applications to the university scholarships - there are scholarships simply for living on the Coast!

Finally, The UC Course Planning visit that was scheduled for this week will now go ahead via Zoom or Teams.  I will be in contact with all Senior students next week and determine the best time for this to happen, from there an invitation will go out for us all to get together Blake and make sure everyone lis on the right track to do what they want to.