BOT Chairperson - Mr Alan Berry

Catholic School's BOT Chairperson Alan Berry

Dear Parents/Whānau/Caregivers

Hopefully we might emerge from this Covid-19 lockdown by the end of this week, well, at least Level 4 lockdown.  

By now you should have received an email from Catalyst for Change Ltd, asking for you to complete a survey.  This survey is an opportunity for you to feed into the formulation of what we refer to as a graduate profile. This term will become clearer when you read the survey. 

In addition the Board of Trustees are working through a recruitment process which will lead to the appointment of a permanent Principal. This position will commence in January 2022.

The Board of Trustees via this survey, asks if you can please complete the survey by the due date of 1st September.  We want to know what you as parents/whānau/caregivers believe are the important skills, experience, attributes and values that our new Principal will need to lead our school going forward.

God Bless

Alan Berry


Greymouth Catholic Schools’ Board of Trustees