West Coast Trade Academies Prizegiving

The West Coast Trade Academies Prizegiving was last Friday night and our JPII students did extremely well!

Each Academy awards a Student of the Year for the top student, as well as Achievement Awards for students who show potential.

Congratulations to our JPII Winners:

Billy Beckett – Building Year 1 = Student of the Year

Nathan Milligan – Mechanical Engineering Year 2 = Student of the Year

Alex Barangay – Adventure Tourism Leadership Level 3 = Student of the Year

Emma Sexton – Cookery Year 1 = Student of the Year

Anja Schoeman – Café Skills = Student of the Year

Payton Guthrie – Building Year 1 = Achievement Award

Sophie Butcher – Hair and Beauty Year 1 = Achievement Award

Cora O’Donoghue – Café Skills = Achievement Award

Taine Hilton – Mechanical Engineering Year 2 = Achievement Award

Levi Calder – Building Year 2 = Achievement Award

Shanika Taylor – Hair and Beauty Year 2 = Achievement Award

The winners all got to say a few words, Taine’s speech was particularly good.

Nga mihi
Jasmine Fitzgerald

Pathways Co-Ordinator