Blake Walker, Noah Johnson, Jack Rowe

What's happening in Social Sciences?

Junior students are focusing on Research Skills until the end of term.

This will be the students 'big' end of year assessment. Recently they have been studying what makes a 'protector' and / or a 'protestor', particularly around Māori land rights and places like Ihumatao, and natural disasters in New Zealand. Students have a choice of topics around these subjects.

As part of the assessment students have been taught effective planning skills like annotation, deciding if resources are useful and / or reliable. They have to complete their planning booklet, choose a written format AND an oral format in which to present their work and evaluate the process.

Task 3: Presentation

You have a choice about how you would like to present your research in written format AND oral format:


  • Poster board (similar to science fair)
  • PowerPoint
  • Essay / Report
  • Newspaper report
  • Magazine Feature article


  • Speak to PowerPoint or Poster Board
  • Speech
  • Screencast PowerPoint
  • Record as a TV news item
  • Teach the lesson.

Sue, our Librarian has taught the students how to use our library effectively and how to access and use our online library. Unfortunately, not all lessons have been able to be timetabled in our library, but that has given us the great opportunity to take some of the classes into Greymouth Public Library. Here, they also had an induction to what was available physically and online.

So whether you like investigating protests or natural disasters why not make a weekend of it? Have some family fun at the town library researching about our history!

Corinne Coulthard
LAL Social Sciences
Year 12 Dean