Lynkyn Bell & Vadim Ryan

CNN Call to Earth Day

CNN Call to Earth Day inspired our students to put on their gloves, grab their plastic bags and head down to the river after bootcamp.

The students were split into 4 groups.

  1. Along the river bank this side of Greymouth, to clean up after the white baiters.
  2. Over the bridge to Cobden caves, the caravan park and the boat ramp.
  3. Along the Cobden Lagoon track and caravan park ready for the festival on Saturday
  4. Along Cobden beach.

The students were amazing climbing in bushes, over rocks and finding all sorts of rubbish, from mindless dropping of lolly and chocolate wrappers to tyres, clocks and lawnmower parts. The students gathered 150Kg of rubbish that was loaded on the trailer and taken to the tip. A well-deserved sausage sizzle was waiting for them back at school.