Pest Trapping Update

Following on from the pest control course in Week One of Term 3.

Our team of keen trappers have been attending to their traps at the Blaketown cycleway. Students have had mixed success so far as we trial different baits, and caught a large mouse on Thursday. 

If you have any peanut butter at home you don’t like, please drop it at the school office as rodents can’t seem to get enough! It’s great to see most of our trappers on course to earn their 14 credits, so gentlemen get that paperwork up to date!

And who are these two glamorous gum-booted ladies accompanying them? None other than our very own Madeleine Castle and Renée Hutchinson, our Gateway and Trades team. 

 Special thank you to our fantastic Caretaker, Jason Briggs, for all he is doing to support our trappers in this mahi – above and beyond!