by Madeleine Castle

Would you like some money???

Who wouldn't! If you are planning on studying next year, there are several ways to make it easier on your pocket!

Now is the time to seriously start planning your scholarship applications, head to the website of your chosen university or polytech, and look at the Scholarships available.

There are a lot of other scholarships that you can apply for, that aren't tied to a specific tertiary education provider; for instance, there are scholarships for children and grandchildren of maritime workers, rail workers, one from Westland Milk Products, specific scholarships for women, Maori, the list goes on....  

Aside from the First Year free and the Fees Free scheme, there is a large number of scholarships available to students throughout the country.

The website below is fantastic!  It contains the eligibility criteria and award details of all scholarships available.  

Did you know you can get money simply by living on the West Coast?

Follow the link below to Money Hub and discover how simple it is to get some financial assistance towards the next step in your career, along with some tips to help ensure you get the scholarship over other applicants.

Scholarships NZ Guide and Tips for Success - MoneyHub NZ