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Outdoor Education

Nic Thomas —

We have been out and about and up and down in Outdoor Education this term!

Level 1

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. L1 OdEd students have been supporting each other through these tough times. It's always reassuring to know someone will be there to support you if you fall, no matter how far you fall! Rock Climbing, and exploring the concept of getting high, the L1s have excelled themselves at the YMCA Rock Gym and at various crags in and around the Port Hills. Unfortunately, what goes up, must come down. Getting high has consequences. There have been quite few downers. We have to go abseiling too!

Levels 2/3

Our more mature students in L2/3OdEd have been growing up and preparing to leave home. However, the words "mortgage" and "home loan" weren't well understood. Next week the students plan to have ultrafast broadband, wifi and ensuite bathrooms installed in their emergency shelters. Curiously, fresh running water and electricity didn't feature in their plans, so it will be an interesting learning curve. That's if they survive Cave Stream ... plenty of COLD running water in Cave Stream!!!