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Modello Fashion & Dance Show 2020

Rachel Goldstein & Kate Hamilton —

On Friday 27th November Year 10 Arts at Kaiapoi High School took over our new gym, Hiwa i te rangi, to present a mini-extravaganza of Fashion and Dance, supported by some original music compositions from 10 Music.

Twelve Year 10 designers and one experienced Year 13 designer have been working hard over the past two terms to design and create their wearable art fashion creations. This term, they have worked with their models to fit and refine their designs to get them ready for the Catwalk. The models have also had the tricky task of getting used to both strutting down the catwalk to the music (‘Fashion’ by David Bowie), AND making it work in high heels.

Twelve Year 10 dancers have also been working hard this term to learn two very different dances for public performance, first at the Fashion Show and then as a flashmob in Kaiapoi township on 4th December. The first is a contemporary dance by Dean McKerra (with original ending by 10 Dance) and the second, a theatre dance from the musical Chicago, ‘All That Jazz’.

We were supported (and given extra time for a couple of models, who were dancers too, to change) by a combined Kaiapoi High & St Andrews band, including Sam Coster, Jack Trnjanin & Riley Cochran, who had created original songs and music videos for Smokefree Rockquest this year. Their songs ‘Pesticide’ & ‘Emptiness’ demonstrated much talent.

The students were very nervous as the gym seating filled up more and more, but by the time ‘Vogue’ ended, they were in place and ready to go. The Year 10 dancers impressed us with their flexibility and strong varied movements in ‘River’ and, later, wowed us with their sass and timing in ‘All That Jazz’.

Our amazing Year 10 models did indeed prance, stride and sashay their way around the catwalk, showing off the impressive creations of their designers who created an array of impressive and lively wearable pieces of art. Year 10 designs were featured by Isabella Aitchison, Madison Messervy, Talia Prusass, Salome Drulidruli, Stacey Stewart, Phoebe Wilson, Daisy Perrins, Sarah Thiel, Kaycee Blackburn, Amber Brownlee, Charlotte Methven, Kaylee MacDonald and Lily Smith. Year 13 student, Xanthe McCurrie’s ‘jellyfish’ creation was brilliant and moved as she walk-floated (modelling her own design) like a jellyfish traversing the ocean.

Thanks so much to the students and teachers who supported us at this wonderful event and to our Arts students for being so creative and brave.

Ms Goldstein and Miss Hamilton