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Level 2 Geography trip

L2 Students —

On 28th June, 36 Geography students went on a field trip to Aoraki Mount Cook.

We were split into four vans and at 6:30 am we were off. Unwin Lodge became our home for the next three days. While the rest of the South Island was snowing, we got a cold and brisk 4 degrees, with strong winds. Refreshing wakeups of -8 degrees were a quick incentive to light the fireplace and have a warm breakfast. 

We walked up to the Red Tarns, 1000 steps uphill. We got to the top of the mountain with snow around us and threw snow at each other. Mr Henson tried to help with psychological support that was required to support us through this steep walk. We went to Hooker Lake where the 2-degree water was no barrier for some of our students as they went swimming with the icebergs! 

The plane trip got cancelled, but that didn't get us down. The boys slept with the door open and Izzy became the chess king.

Quotes of the trip:

“This track's going to be nothing like yesterday."

“Do you guys see me as a spiritual elder?” - Mr Henson

“Can eating too many Nachos lead to air pollution?”

Written by: Renee Hunter, Hugh Ironside, Jorja Rahlff, and Annie Saunders.