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Mud Run

Sophia Bidwell —

On Sunday morning, 30th June at 7am, a group of brave students, accompanied by two hardy teachers (Ms Bidwell and Mr McAuley) assembled in the subzero temperatures at Kaiapoi High School for the annual UC Secondary Students' Mud Run.

Although our numbers were somewhat depleted due to the change of date and time, there are apparently still a reasonable number of teenagers who will forgo their morning sleep in to cover themselves in body paint and run 5km through the mud!  The KHS students who went were:

Hunter Henley, Luke Waldin, Kain Mannix, Breanna Miller, Max Miller, Amber Brownlee, Tyla Smart, Madi Broadley, Shelley Saville, Paige Rushton, Amber Forbes-Kean, Olivia Barclay and Alastair Campbell.

The new location of the Christchurch Adventure Park looked beautiful in the crisp morning light, and staff and students appreciated the nice cafe, and the post-run showers, which were at least warm this year. The students thought the course was not as challenging, but seemed to have a good time and there was much talk on the way home of promoting it to their friends for greater numbers next year.

One of our Year 9 teams (Max Miller, Breanna Miller, and Amber Brownlee) were the third team to finish, as well as cartwheeling through the best-dressed parade as the Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

Thanks to Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Dixon for organising the entries and transport.