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Kaiapoi High School

KHS Newsletter ~ June 2020


Friday 3 July: Term 2 ends

Monday 20 July: Term 3 begins

Monday 27 July: Parent/Caregiver & Teacher Interviews - Surnames A-L, Karetu Block 4-7pm

Friday 31 July: Enrolments for 2021 close

Monday 3 August: Parent/Caregiver & Teacher Interviews - Surnames M-Z, Karetu Block 4-7pm

Tuesday 4 August: Out of zone enrolments balloted

Thursday 6 August: Letters of offer sent to successful out of zone enrolments

Friday 14 August: Last day for out of zone students to accept an offer of place 

Saturday 15 August: Senior Formal, Silks Lounge, Addington Raceway, doors open 7pm

Tuesday 18 August: Subject Information Evening, Karetu Block 4-6pm

Friday 21 August: Mid-term break, school closed

Monday 21 - Wednesday 23 September: Y11 examinations

Friday 25 September: Term 3 ends


From the Principal's desk

by Bruce Kearney

Dear Parents and Caregivers, It is fantastic to be in Level 1 of our nation’s Covid-19 response. It was a strange few weeks working in Level 2, with the school essentially functioning as normal as possible, with a few exceptions, such as a fairly heavy use of hand sanitiser!

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From the Board table

by Phil Kerrigan

Well, term 2 has certainly been an unusual one!

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From the Deans

by The Deans

It is hard to believe we are halfway through 2020! It has been an interesting Term 2 for the school with Covid-19 lockdown changing the way our school operates. However, both staff, parents and students adapted extremely well to this new ‘bubble’ environment, considering it was new to us all. Thanks for your patience and support during this time.

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From the Technology Faculty

by Roland Babonnick

A selection of photos of students at work!

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International News

by Kristie Dutton

This has been a strange start to the year in the International Department. Covid-19 has caused a little disruption, but we are back on track for a fun-filled year.

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Sport for Term 2

by Dot Dixon

Sport is off to a great start, with a slight increase in the number of teams this year.

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Winter Walkies in the Winter Wonderland with 10OdEd

by Nic Thomas

Don't let the Winter, or the weather, put you off. Winter Walkies are amazing and 10OdEd, with Mr Thomas, were lucky enough to book the best winter walking weather ever for their local Mt Thomas tramp (no relation!).

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From the Health Clinic

by Jenny Shurville

Kaiapoi High School has a fully functioning Health Clinic within the school for the use of all students.

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L2 OdEd Survival Camp

by Nic Thomas

The thing about Survival Camp is that you have to survive. No matter the weather, no matter the location. This year's L2 OdEd students survived in the Lower Hawdon Valley before our first true Winter storm.

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Important KHS Reminders

by Kaiapoi High School

Information and reminders from Kaiapoi High School.

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