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Photo by Felicia Ward

Junior News

Felicia Ward —

Term 4 certainly is jammed packed with lots of fun activities for the Junior Syndicate.


We have just finished our first week of swimming with JC Swim School so I imagine there will be some tired children this weekend. While it is a demanding few weeks, the progress and essential water skills the children are learning are so vital coming into the warmer months. A big thank you to the wonderful parents and grandparents who have given up their time to help us at swimming.

Fun Run

On the 6 November, we had the first Junior Fun Run. This involved running, jumping over obstacles, a sack race and going through a water sprinkler. The children had spent time training for this run and we were incredibly proud of the determination they showed on the day. It was great to have lots of spectators come along and support the students. We look forward to this being a yearly feature in the school calendar.

Arts Rotation

We are right into the swing of our Arts Rotation with each class spending 2 hours a week with a different teacher learning a different arts area. We are looking forward to continuing this after swimming is finished.

Classroom News:

Room 7

Hello parents, this term we have been having a lot of fun in Room 7. We have been doing the ‘Star of the Week’. We have also been drawing Sonic and Pikachu. It has also been fun doing Funky Friday. We have been learning a lot about space.

By Ben Hunter

Hi parents, Today I am going to tell you what we have been doing in Room 7. We have been doing Paper Mache. It will probably take more than a week to finish them. We have also been doing ‘Star of the Week’. ‘Star of the Week’ is someone who is the teacher’s helper.

By Yeva Cockerill

Room 8

We have been so lucky to have our student teacher, Miss Cox in our classroom for the last 5 weeks! She taught us so many awesome things like fractions, how to write letters and we also got to make bird feeders. We love spending time with our buddy class every Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday we made elf costumes in our groups.

Room 9

Shhh! We are doing Relax Kids with Shea. She is the person who made Relax Kids up and if you want to know anything else I will tell you all about it.

Well we have been doing swimming. That was fun. First we did back stroke and after that we learnt swimming on our side. It was hard and I was nervous at first. Then we learnt going on our front and doing arm circles and on our side at the same time.

We have been doing Genius Hour and if you don’t know what Genius Hour is I am going to tell you all about it. Well we get to do whatever we want and then we get to research all the questions.

We also got to do the Fun Run. It is when all the juniors run around the school and we have to go under a sprinkler and jump over hurdles and run down to the field.

By Ivy Luxton