Hero photograph
Photo by Rosie Hardie

Movie Update

Rosie Hardie —

Lights, camera, and almost action!

The movie is well underway now with only 3 classes left to film. Mr. Clarke, our film crew (Ava, Olivia & Emma), and our main characters have been working extra hard to allow everything to run smoothly and the storyline is really coming together.

The school is demolished and the opening is just about to begin but something isn’t quite right… where is the key to the new school! It is up to the main characters with help from the Kaikorai kids to find the key before the official opening is a disaster. Can they do it in time? You’ll have to find out on December the 9th.

It has been an exciting experience so far for the classes who have completed their filming. “Quiet on the set” can be heard and then it’s all go, the camera on and microphones attached. Some classes have decided to learn about green screens and film their section at school while others have ventured out to showcase what Dunedin has to offer, which apparently is quite a lot of wind!

Some highlights so far have been seeing Room 8 being transformed into real storybook characters, Room 10 spending a beautiful day on the Pineapple Track, and Room 4 enjoying getting lost in the Wals Maze. It sure is going to be an experience the classes will remember forever when they think back on their time at Kaikorai.

A special thank you to the Macknight family who allowed Room 3 to film at their property as well as Mathew Hayde and Bryce Holtshousen for sharing their expertise in the movie-making process.

Please keep an eye out later this week regarding an update on ticketing information as we get closer to the big day.