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Google Apps for education
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Google Accounts

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Important information regarding your child's Google account.

Your child currently has their own education-linked school based Google account. For some this includes a GMail account that is monitored by our school. Children are only able to have Google accounts if they are 13 years or older, or if their account is managed by an adult or a school. Because our school closes for the summer break on Friday the 15th December, the following holiday arrangements have been made in relation to  Google accounts:

YEAR 6 Accounts:

Everything in your child's WOW folder will be burnt to a disc and has been presented at the Leavers Assembly.

On Tuesday 18th December all Year 6 students will have their school Google accounts deleted from our school domain. This means any work currently stored in these accounts will also be deleted. If your Year 6 student wishes to keep any of the work currently stored in their Google account, you will need to do the following before Tuesday 18th December:
1. Create a new Google account in your own name
2. 'Share' any of the documents that you want to save with the new Google account you have created
3. Change the ownership of the shared documents to yourself so that you become the owner. (NB this is important. If this is not done, the work will be deleted when the account is deleted).

All OTHER YEAR GROUP ACCOUNTS: On Tuesday 18th December all google accounts will be disabled for the summer break. These accounts will be reactivated again at the start of the 2019 school year. The saved documents and email of all children will still be in their account when their account is reactivated at the beginning of next year.