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Project Based Learning

Following on from our large scale wayfinding project based learning last term, classes are working on some smaller projects this term.  Children are continuing to build on some of the skills and processes that they learnt last term and applying them to their current learning.  Boatbuilding and shade structures are two of the ideas being explored.  


It was great to see children striving hard to improve their skills during our swimming sessions.  It was amazing seeing the progress they made from the first to the last session.  Each child will receive a certificate that shows what they achieved during these sessions.  Thank you to all parents and grandparents who were able to attend and help keep everything running on schedule.

Art Gallery Trips

Rooms 3 and 5 have both had a fantastic session at the Art Gallery with John Neumegen.  Room 5 looked at dreamscapes as inspiration and created some very interesting artworks.  Room 3 looked at Dunedin street art and added their individual artworks to a class mural.  Room 6 will also get the opportunity to visit the art gallery in a couple of weeks.

Children's Thoughts

Room 3

In room 3 we have been learning about floating and sinking. And we were designing boats that would float and move by themselves. We have also been asking some really tricky questions like ‘How do container ships float?’ This term we also went to the art gallery and learned a lot about New Zealand. We also did artwork about blue penguins, yellow-eyed penguins, and albatrosses. We also did some about boats and the lighthouse, up in a special room up at the top of the art gallery.

By Leon and Isabelle

Room 5

During the last couple weeks R5 has been doing some cool things. We have been doing some outdoor activities with our buddy class. We have been teaching them fun games and skills. In our class we get into groups and make fun games and make it junior friendly. We go outside and have a great time teaching and playing games.

In our class we are learning about music. R5 looked up on the chromebook cool music games to teach us about the music notes and instruments. We also looked up music writers and played their music games. This morning we made some music with cups. We learned songs and patterns.

By Holly and Angus

Room 6

In room six we have been working on our shade structure PBL. The purpose of this was to create a shade structure to protect you and other people from the sun. We have been thinking about the shape, material, and colour, and where it would go. Most of the people in room six chose their shade structure to go over the new playground. In room six we have been having afternoons of Lego, Polydron, shape blocks and Thin Lego. Jonah had created a tower out of the shapes and he also made a huge lego creation with Connor and Zac.

By Riley and Mia