Hero photograph
Photo by Jill Kumar

The Royal New Zealand Air Force Band comes to Dunedin!

Jill Kumar —

Kaikorai Primary was given a special treat on Wednesday - a concert by a full Symphonic Band! Read more..

Here are some recollections of this event:

Last week we bused down to the amazing town hall. It was crowded with people. We saw gold, shiny, small and big saxophones and every musical instrument you could imagine. The moment I walked in I was absolutely amazed. There were big, small, medium and massive instruments. The Airforce Band must have been working so hard. The Dunedin City Town Hall was lit up with lights. That was probably the best concert I've ever heard. The drums were amazing. Everything was amazing. My favourite instrument was the saxophone. By Benny Room 5 

On Wednesday we went to a band and there were huge instruments.  My favourite song was The Circle of Life.  My favourite instruments were big bronze drums.  The conductor was really good. By Theo Room 5

Two days ago Room 4 and the whole school went down to the town hall to see the Royal Air Force Band. They sang and played songs from all over the world. There were two songs from the movies, the Lion King and Aladdin. They had a song in which someone played the bagpipes. There was mostly brass, woodwind and percussion instruments in the band. In one of the songs they brought out some drums, and each time they hit the drums the lights that were connected to the drums would light up. My favourite part was the Aladdin song. By Eleanor Room 4

Last Wednesday we went to an extraordinary show.  There were lots of instruments and groovy bits.  There were fluttering flutes, classic clarinets and a slightly loud tuba.  There were flashing lights and there were glowing drums.  There were lots of schools and it was entertaining.  I enjoyed listening to the music, especially the new songs.  By Yeva Room 5

Last week room four and the rest of the school went to the Air Force Band. And other schools also went. They played songs from all around the world and in one of them the bagpipes played too.They played the Lion King and Aladdin. In one of the songs, when they hit the drums they lit up! My favourite bit was the lit up drums.  By Isabelle Room 4  

Last Wednesday all of Kaikorai went to the Dunedin Town Hall.  It was amazing!  There were lit up drums and lovely tubas.  My mum came to help our school.  We lined up to go on a long bus there and back.  We walked some of the way.  It was so much fun!  I liked the woodwind bits the most.  Our school went out last but there was more show to watch.  There were tons of instruments.  I was sitting beside Millar and my Mum.  I bet that everyone liked it!  By Rosie Room 5