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Mr Whippy came to celebrate the opening of our new space! 
Photo by Beth Downie

The Senior pupils reflect on the week that has been!

Beth Downie —

Read what Rūma Tekau pupils think about our new space!


Hello Ruma Tekau!

And goodbye room 1...! 

The long six months were tough and full of suspense for everyone trying to get it done and move in, but after a dreadful wait, it was done. IT WAS FINALLY DONE! 

But before we moved into the new building, we had a Blessing with amazing songs and Haka, we walked around the new building in and out with  Vai a teacher from OBHS leading us with a few students followed behind with water collected from all over Dunedin sprinkled around the room, followed by having some chocolate cake and a great time. 

 The same week we started an exhausting time moving all of our belongings and furniture into the new... Ruma Tekau! Just by putting one foot in the door, you could tell It was warm and cozy. It smelt fresh and new. 

 The day we finally moved in, we were all curious about how the sound would be because all our classes were joined, and all that stood between us were a glass sliding door. But guess what the sound was absolutely fine! The builders and Mr. Clarke must've known what they were doing cause WOW... The speakers were crisp, the bathrooms were pristine, The walls were blue, bright, and fuzzy.

 One of the best things is the LEARNING STREET! now you might be wondering what that is so let me explain, It is A long hallway type room where you work and can interact with others, we also use them as places For Syndicate singing, Indoor exercise, and much more. 

Even though our classroom is smaller than our past room, It's amazing so, Hello Ruma Tekau, Goodbye Room one! 


The last five days have been overwhelming. 

Everything in the new school feels amazing. It's really open so a lot of natural light can get into the room. I was a bit worried about the space because it's not very big. But the space actually works. So in the old class, we had all that space that we didn't really use. All the classrooms are connected by glass doors, which you can close if you want it to be quieter. Some of the windows open via a switch. Back in the old building, you had to climb up onto a chair which is a lot more dangerous if you fall. 

The learning street is just outside the classrooms which is where we do senior assembly currently. 

I LOVE the new classroom!


What's happened in the last 5 days. 

 There are lots of different things in the new school there is a remote to open the top window and there is a constant 18 degrees in the classroom. But to get to this stage we had to go through some exhausting days like on Friday we had to move everything into the classroom and it was quite hard and we also had the blessing and at the end we got CAKE! 

On Monday we got surprised with Mr. Whippy because we did lots of hard work and we were meant to moving some more things into our new classroom but we got it all done on Friday.

What the classroom is like.

In the new classrooms, there are lots of different changes that we have to get used to like you can see through all the senior classes, and if Ms. Fisher opens her door you can see all the Junior classes as well. 

I thought there was going to be lots of noise but it actually isn't that bad it is not too loud at all so you can still concentrate when you are working. 

It is a great space and I am glad it has finally come and it is now time to enjoy it.


The last 5 days have been great. 

The new school is so different from our old one it feels more open and warm. We have been doing lots with Rūma Iwa who used to be in Room two. 

Before we moved in we had a blessing someone from Otago Boys High School came and some students too. Before he collected water from different streams and water sources to sprinkle through the new classrooms this was part of the blessing after the blessing everyone got chocolate cake then went back to our classrooms. 

After Mr. Clarke came and told us we could start moving we started moving so we all took some chairs then paper, books, and tote trays. Last, of all, we took the tables that were the hardest thing to carry. After we had set up our classroom we helped the junior classrooms set up their stuff. 

On Monday we finally got to move into our new classroom. In the morning we got Mr. Whippy for being good and getting all the work done do the Mahi get the treats(Mahi means work in Māori)

Now we have moved in fully moved in are back to normal work I like this classroom a lot but I will miss room 1 a lot.


Dating back to January 2021 is where everything started to kick off, Going back to school and the fences were up and a little bit worried due to the space we had to play, But the excitement was in the air, after having to wait for the new playground in August 2020 but we know that we will have a blast in the new school. 

 June 2021 June was around the time where you could really picture the new school and also was realizing that there's not much longer until you are learning in the new space. 

 August 2021 Around August was when all the cool little details came in the Water fountains, taps, benches, and all the fun little details. On August 6th was the blessing they had a teacher at Otago boys and some students do a blessing they sprinkled natural lake water all across the rooms, we also had a sing-along and some kai. The kai was pretty yummy

Last 5 days Moving in was hard but was so worth it, I love interacting with other classrooms, and the peace and quiet is so calming and the learning street is AWESOME! interacting with the other senior classes is really fun.


This is a new beginning...

It all began in room one, February 2021 to be exact the new school was being built and excitement was all around... Of course, we had to be patient, REALLY patient to be exact Mr. Clark decided he wanted a new build in 2015 or earlier... Let's go six months later to the moving in!

It was the day of the blessing, at the blessing some Otago boys came to help, and some kids came and sprinkled some water throughout the classrooms after that Otago boys sang their song and we sang our school song back.

Everyone was too excited, we got chocolate cake and after morning tea we moved in. It was sooo exhausting though, then my arms dropped to the ground. 

 MONDAY- WE OFFICIALLY MOVED IN! I could stay there forever because of how warm the room was and calm and soft the walls were, we could see all the senior classrooms as they were all beside us with clear sliding doors, even though they were next to us we can't really hear them much.

After a while, we got Mr. Whippy with his creamy and delicious ice cream.