Hero photograph
Photo by Simon Clarke

Silent Auction - A very special item

Simon Clarke —

This print was made by Toby Robins, a year 5 pupil at Kaikorai Primary School.

Toby is an adventurous, curious and motivated 10 year old kid, with a wonderful sense of humour to match. It seemed unfathomable that anything would stop him from living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, in January 2018, what began with complicated appendicitis was then diagnosed as Burkitt Lymphoma. This is a rare and aggressive blood cancer. Toby and his family are currently in Seattle, Washington State, USA where Toby is receiving cutting edge CAR T-cell therapy from Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Toby is very proud to be able to support the school fair by giving us this print. Make sure you bid on this at our Silent Auction.

We are all so amazed by Toby and his fighting spirit and the fact that he is still thinking about his school during such a difficult period shows what an incredible boy he is.

We are all holding Toby and his family in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our prayers.