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Chicken Pox - Update

Simon Clarke —

We have been notified of nine cases of Chicken Pox at school. Chicken Pox is characterised by a fever and spots with a blister on top of each one.

Some additional  information from the Public Health Nurse.

There is a chickenpox vaccine available to be purchased and administered from your gp practice by appointment,

and may be used for post-exposure prophylaxis for immune-competent people if given within 5 days of exposure.

Children with Chicken Pox are infectious from 5 days before the appearance of the rash until the lesions have crusted over - usually about 5 days after their appearance.

Please seek medical advice if your child displays symptoms of Chicken Pox.

Ministry of Health Non-attendance Period
Children who have Chicken Pox may not attend school for at least one week from the date of the appearance of the rash.

Thank you.

Simon Clarke