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Middle News

Room 3 —

Big things are happening in the Middle Syndicate all related to Sustainability. 

Our native bush area is slowly taking shape and our students are really proud of their creations and their knowledge of the native animals and plants. 

Thursday 12th of March is going to be a big day for the Middle Syndicate, with not only Pizza Day, but also Room 3’s Book Fair and Room 5’s Sherbet Delivery. Later in the term you can expect to find out about lots of ways to keep busy with Room 6’s Book of Fun. 

Book Fair 

If you have any books that are in good condition that you are willing to donate please send them along to Room 3. As it is Pizza day there will be lots of parents around so make sure you come in to the hall and have a look. 


Room 5 are making sure no food is going to waste in the school kitchen. They are making sherbet which will be available to order before Friday 6th March and will be delivered on Thursday 12th March. 

Book of Fun 

Room 6 are busy creating booklets full of free and fun activities that you can do in and around our local area.