Hero photograph
Action at Camp
Photo by Robin Hartley

Tirohanga Fun!

Robin Hartley —

Camp was amazing!


The first activity we did was to make damper then cook it around the hot steaming fire. My eyes were still relaxing from the tiring bus drive. The damper took forever to cook but the taste made up for it. It was warm, chewy and gooey. Then the time came to cook the soft marshmallows. When they were cooked brown trimmings covered the marshmallow. The sticky inside stuck to the roof of my mouth. It was delicious.


I was hanging on for dear life as the rubber burnt my hands. I could barely hold on as it came to an end. The two ropes were challenging as they flang up, down and side to side. At some points I had to stop to make the ropes stop swaying. The tight rope was fun but terrifying. As I looked down I could see the other kids playing on the freshly cut field. I knew that I was there just minutes ago but it felt like hours since i’d been there.


My favourite part of the day had finally come. It was time to do some hardout water sliding! It was cold and wet but I was so hot I couldn’t feel the coldness burn my skin. I had 3 goes and all 3 of them were just amazing.

The hot steaming shower washed off all the slippery grass and soap, leaving me nice and clean. As I was chucking on my clothes the fresh feeling was just starting to weave its way through my body and I was ready for my next adventure!


The night came so fast that it felt like we were just at school 2 hours ago. It was a bit sad that it went that fast but I knew it was because I was having so much fun! We gathered around in the lounge singing some songs played from Mr Hartley’s guitar. The songs we sang were Travelin Soldier, Titanium and Can’t Stop The Feeling. Three most amazing songs ever.

Dinner Time. For dinner we had pizzas and pies. It made my taste buds so excited! Next up it was time for dessert. Now my taste buds were more excited and they almost exploded. There was rainbow ice-cream and m&m chocolate cake with a nice cup of milo.

The tiring night, the WORST Night of my life. Flash lights shining in my face, friends yelling, the door opening and closing, I didn’t get to sleep till 1:30!!


The feeling of nature surrounded me as I walked with a warm breeze blowing at me gently. Rata and I just talked the whole time so we were surprised when we reached the top. It didn’t even feel like hard work, I enjoyed it.


The journey was all over. All we had left was a hot sweating tiring bus drive. Everyone was so tired that they could literally fall asleep but of course it was WAY TO HOT! A part of me wanted to stay but I also really wanted to go home.

By Brie and Rata