Hero photograph
Junior Seedlings
Photo by Simon Clarke

Junior News

Susan Oldfield —

Change has been a big part of our ‘Inquiry’ this term and we have watched our plants grow from seeds to plants ready to put in the garden.

Our next focus is going to be Christmas around the world. Each teacher has selected a country and during the next two weeks we will rotate each class through six different countries for 6 afternoons. We will make crafts and talk about how all of these countries celebrate Christmas.

Our Junior end of year picnic is on Tuesday 13th December at Mosgiel Park. We will be sending home a newsletter soon with details.

A reminder that children are not to enter classrooms in the morning until the 8.30 bell has gone. A number of children are arriving earlier and earlier and expect to be able to get into rooms. Please respect this morning time for teacher’s preparation and don’t be offended when teachers ask you to wait for the bell. This also extends to being in classrooms before the 3.00pm bell. Pack up time happens a lot easier when there are no pre-schoolers and parents in the classroom.

Teachers have been working hard to get your children’s reports written.

Thank you for talking to your children about wastage of food at lunch and playtime, we seem to be getting better at eating our lunches and cutting back on waste.