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Photo by Robin Hartley

Seniors News - November 2018

Robin Hartley —

Lots happening this term for the senior children.


Have you noticed some changes around the school? Our senior students have been finishing off their work into doing something significant for their school or community. We had children painting a friendship seat, building and installing birdhouses and putting plants around the school. This term our senior students also want to have an influence on the school fair. They have been working hard producing games and products to sell. It has been amazing to see their creativity and ideas, and we all look forward to seeing the results and the money they make on Saturday. 



It has been fantastic to see so many senior children taking part in Swimming on Monday. The instructors at Moana pool have been putting them through their paces and pushing their swimming skills forward. Please note that starting on the 12th of Nov. for the next 3 Mondays different groups will be asked to bring a spare set of clothes, such as PJs to swim in. This is a vital swim safety lesson involving lifejackets. Your child will be notified of their week to bring clothes.  IMPORTANT NOTICE - If your child experiences asthma please ensure they take an inhaler to the pool with them.



Although the weather has been somewhat spoiling the party, we have still had our senior students out practising some athletic skills. Children have had the chance to throw shot put and discus, and they have been practising sprinting skills and baton passing. These skills came in very handy for our amazing athletics day yesterday. We wish any who go through to the North Zone competition the best of luck and a fun day.

Speech Competitions

Over the next few weeks, the senior students will all be learning the skills involved in writing and presenting speeches. This will lead to a speech competition in which some class winners will get to present to the whole of the senior year. Please feel free to help your children with their presenting skills and to listen to them practising at home. In classes, we have been doing lots of speaking activities to help alleviate some of the nervous around public speaking. Overall we have been very impressed with the skill level and are very excited to hear their prepared speeches. Dates for the competition have yet to be confirmed. 


Up & Coming and Important dates to note:

Every Monday the seniors walk to Moana for swimming lessons

IMPORTANT NOTICE - If your child experiences asthma please ensure they take an inhaler to the pool with them.

Art Gallery visits 7th (Rms 1 and 2) and the 8th Nov (Rm 2a)
13th Nov - School Photos
15th Nov - possible school closure due to Teacher Union strike
21st and 2nd Senior Climbing trip and Long Beach
23rd Orange Parade day for Road Patrol helpers 2018