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School Donations and other fees

Simon Clarke —

A donation of $70 is sought so that we can provide the highest quality resources for your child.  This donation, along with the support of the Parent Group and the Bendigo Valley Foundation, allows the majority of the curriculum activities in the school to be free or heavily subsidised.  This donation can be paid in instalments via the accounts system in the school.  Don't forget that you can claim 33% of it back by using this tax form. 

The school has signed on for another year of the mathletics.co.nz web site for students in year 2-6. This is a very valuable resource as it helps your child develop math confidence and skills at their own pace and it makes up an important part of our math programme. It is also able to be used both at home and at school The cost for this is $20 and will be put onto your account.

The Year 6 School Camp is approximately $150.

All children are expected to wear the school hat ($15) in terms 1 and 4 and a school top ($35) available for a variety or purposes.

Automatic Payments/School Accounts

Many families have school accounts set up in their child’s name. Accounts are a great way to budget and to spread costs across the year.

School accounts can be used to pay for most charges including donations, activities, sports teams and stationery.

Account balances are available at any time by contacting the school office.  A statement of account will also be issued each term.

If you are interested in setting up an account with the school, please contact the school office for an automatic payment form or set up an account with your bank with payment to Kaikorai Primary School.  Please use your child’s name as a reference.

 The school office doesn't have EFTPOS.