Hero photograph
Room 10 learning about the German culture with Mia's Mum.
Photo by Susan Oldfield

Welcome to the Junior Syndicate News.

Susan Oldfield —

It is hard to realise that we are half way through the third term. Let's hope that the weather continues to improve and we get to see some warmer spring temperatures.

The Junior maths focus on learning our basic facts was a huge success and the children have made wonderful progress. For those parents that helped your child learn their facts thank you. We too have been working hard for the past 3 weeks to achieve excellent results in classes and all this hard work has paid off.

Our Inquiry  focus on SIGNIFICANCE continues as we look at ourselves and the people who made a difference in our lives.

All Junior classes will be going to the Forsyth Barr stadium on Friday 14th September for a Sport Otago fundamental skills session. A notice has gone home this week with details. Please sign it and return to the class teacher by next week. All children need to wear their Kaikorai T-Shirt

Room's 7, 9 and 10 are lucky to have 3rd year student teachers on control for three weeks. We welcome back Miss  Lawrence  , Mrs Ellison and Miss Tahaafe to Kaikorai. We hope you enjoy your final posting before you graduate.

Rooms 10 and 8 are lucky to have some Otago Polytechnic students taking PE skills with them twice a week for the rest of the term.

Room 11 is steadily growing and now has 8 children.  Thanks Mrs Hall for making a safe and happy place for our next batch of New Entrant families. Welcome  new families to Kaikorai.

It seems as if we have to remind parents each newsletter about waiting for the 8.30 bell before coming into classrooms. There are still a lot of people coming to school before 8.30. Please wait outside until the bell goes. This applies to all junior classes.

We are always looking for scrap paper and cardboard. if you know of any sources for this valuable commodity please let a junior teacher know. We are happy to accept donations for our craft activities.

Thank you for your support this term.

The Junior Teachers.