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Senior News

Linda Martin —

Fizz, Pop, Bang

The senior classes have been conducting science experiments over the past two weeks. The children have worked with partners to share the experimentation and discuss their observations. They have discovered the idea of being able to group substances according to whether they are acids or bases, and have also explored the basics of the pH scale to measure acidity and basicity. This is all ‘hands on’ experimentation, and a lot of fun.

This week we have been disappointed with both Room 2 and Room 1 having to postpone their rock climbing at Long Beach with Tim Bartholomew from Dunedin Climbing. Room 2’s postponement date is now Friday 25 November, and Room 1’s is the 2nd of December. Let’s hope the weather is kinder to us then!  Room 4 is still on Thursday 24 November. There will be a notification on our website if there is any change to these arrangements.