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Simon Clarke 

Principals Message

Simon Clarke —

Dear Parents, Thank you to all of the parents who have attended the recent Meet the Teacher and Parent/Teacher interviews. 

This information sharing plays a very important part in the success of your child. Another aspect that we think is very important for the success of your child is independence. 

This has been a common theme that has come through these meetings and something that we can all work on together to improve. Research has shown that children are exposed to somewhere between a couple of hundred to 5000 words a day. Children who hear more language ultimately do better at school.

 Having a rich conversation with your child is hugely beneficial. Simple things for new entrant children such as knowing colours, counting and alphabet recognition can easily be practised at home. 

Other simple things like making sure they carry their own bags and letting your child organise their belongings for the day ahead can make the world of difference if good routines are established when they are young. 

Kind regards, 

Simon Clarke