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Camp Iona

Senior News

Room 6 —

All the senior classes have now visited the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, and have worked with John Neumegen who is the teacher there.

We have seen an exhibition that an artist made on a flight. It was made up of photos taken in an aeroplane toilet, using only whatever was available in there. We have also looked at paintings of the environment and installations of recycled materials. In the art room itself each class created works that featured our Sustainability focus. 

Room 1 used the dump as inspiration, Room 2 used waste in space for theirs, Room 2a looked at rubbish in the ocean and Room 4 explored ideas of flash trash fashion. 

Our displays are now in the classrooms and also on The Art Gallery’s website. http://dunedin.art.museum/education_programmes/category/111 Sustainability is being explored in different classes in many different ways. 

We are all trying to take some immediate action, and so we enjoyed walking down to the gallery and know that we saved a bit on our carbon footprints by choosing to do this. 

Football skills sessions are continuing on a Tuesday for our PE time, and we are very fortunate to have skilled people taking these high quality lessons through Football South. The children’s skills are developing well. 

Teachers are busy just now finalising arrangements for the year 6 Camp at Iona, and the outdoor education programme for the other senior children. We are all looking forward to the new challenges these activities will bring.