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Middle News

Sarah Gilbert —

Our Move

The senior and junior students have enjoyed their first week in their new classes this week. The middles won't be moving in for quite some time yet, however we will be moving temporarily on Monday for hopefully only three days into the old junior block. As this move is only temporary we will only be taking the items we need with us and the furniture and art work will remain in the classrooms. During this time we will not have any access to the classrooms.

It is important to note that we may be required to stay in this rooms longer than the planned three days and also may be required to move out again if needed.

We will be found

Room 3 in Room 9

Room 4 in Room 7

Room 5 in Room 10

Room 6 in Room 11 (Library)

Our Movie

Classes have been busy working on our prototype movies and are in the beginning stages of planning the real thing. Students will be auditioning for the main character roles next week. We will be planning the filming of our scenes soon so look out for notices on seesaw as we will need parent helpers for classes planning on leaving the school grounds. 


As a part of our cross country training we have been back outside doing fitness trails and running the 'Kids K'. This has been a great challenge for us and the best parts have been when our children have really focussed on doing their personal best whether it be running a little bit further before walking or running a little faster and also when they have shared with each other little pieces of advice to help improve their stamina or style. We have such a great team!

Our P.E focus this term is Athletics and will be having an athletics day at the end of the term on Monday the 27th of September at the Caledonian.