PAL - Physical Activity Leaders update

Jill Kumar —

As PAL we are trying to encourage kids especially juniors and middles to get more physical outdoors and better at ball skills. Reporters; Tommy Jephson,Tom Wilson, Mac Forde, Cameron Naaroa and Anabelle Batchelor

We have been teaching and showing the little kids how to play different kinds of physical activities. Every day of the week we provide different activities and skills for children to learn.  These include basketball, netball, PMP, cricket and general ball skills.

I(Tommy) have been teaching basketball skills with Mac and Tom. We do it on Monday at lunch time.  Our Monday aim is for the little kids to like basketball more. We're doing it to make them get more into sport. It is going very well. We usually get eight or more kids. It’s fun seeing what little kids want to do.  What we found out is that the little kids usually prefer to bounce with the ball more than shooting in the hoop.  We think it’s good that little kids can train on their sports without doing everything themselves(like getting a ball out of the sport shed).

We like seeing the children's  smiles after we've finished our skills. The best bit about being a PAL is  doing activities and seeing the younger ones improve their skills.

We are looking forward to our Summer training coaching, as it will help teach us how to teach other children in our school.