Hero photograph
Senior Art Gallery 2018
Photo by Robin Hartley

Middles and Senior News

Robin Hartley —

Check out below for all that has been happening over the last few weeks in the middle and senior syndicate. We have a busy finish to the school year so please read below. Well done to Sophie Bartley; her art work is set as the front cover for this article.

Preparation for 2019

This year has gone quickly and it is time to start getting ready for 2019. We are proud to announce the senior and the middle teaching teams for next year.

The senior team will have Mr Inglis and Mr Hartley continuing to in Room 2a and 1 respectively. We are excited to have Miss Day move into Room 2 and join the seniors in 2019. Also joining the senior team with a year 4 and 5 class will be Miss Hardie.

The middle team will have Miss McBeath and Mr Bish continuing in Room 6 and 3 respectively. The middle team are excited to bring Mrs Kumar into Room 5.

Year 6 Balmacewen Orientation Day

Those Year 6 children going to Balmacewen next year will be attending an open day at 13:20 to 14:40. These children will be making the short walk to Balmacewen as a group without teacher support. They will be leaving Kaikorai just after 13:00 and returning to school for school pick up. If you have any concerns about this walk or would like to make other arrangements, please let your child's teacher know.

Senior Swimming

Seniors have been attending swimming lessons at Moana Pool. Last Monday was the beginning of the water safety lessons. Students taking these lessons have been coming to the lesson wearing clothes while they got to use the life jackets. We have some photos of these lessons below. Please ask your child on Monday morning if it is their day to bring clothes. We recommend long sleeves and pants.

Art Gallery Visit Seniors and Middles

The seniors had the chance to visit the Dunedin Art Gallery for a tour and a wonderful lesson with John Neumegen. We learned some history of art and where places such as Japan influenced the modern art ideas in Europe. Room 1 looked at pop art, Roy Lichtenstein and his imitation of cheap comic paper with dots. We produced some bright, and they looked great. Rm 2a looked at Andy Warhol and his colourful prints. The artwork from Rm 2a looks amazing! Finally, Rm 2 were looking at the famous Picasso and got to play with their imaginations.

Room 5 and 6 also went to that Art Gallery this week. They were making junkyard robots and street art. These looked very interesting. Great to see such huge smiles on the kid's faces.

Please take the time to come into classes, and to look at some the pictures below, to see your children's wonderful artworks.

Senior Speeches Competition

The seniors have been learning to write and present speeches. This has been highly enjoyed by many of the students who have been really pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and into the world of speeches. We are looking forward to seeing them present in the competition and wish all the students the best of luck. Finalists will be presenting to a panel on Tuesday the 27th of November. Parents if you have any experience with judging speeches we would love to get you on our panel to hear and judge the finalists. If you can help, please contact Mr Hartley on rhartley@kaikorai.school.nz


One day of constant wet drizzle and another of sunshine. It did not matter to the Kaik kids who tied their hardest and pushed themselves to the limit on the cliff faces of long beach. While kids were not climbing the saw Blue Penguins and squeezed into tight-fitting caves. It was amazing to see so many break their comfort barriers and go further than they thought they could. Well done to our senior kids. We would like to thank the parents who help make the day possible and apologise for their sore muscles and roped burned hands. Thanks again! See a selection of climbing photos below.

Road Patrol and Orange Day

A fun day had by all. Last year some children were trained by the NZ police as a road patrol helper. This year they have been doing their duties on the road helping the youngest children of the school to get safely home. To thank the children for their time and learning, the NZ Police alongside the council, put on a parade. This ‘Orange Parade’ was a march up George St to the Octagon followed by a swim and BBQ at Moana Pool. The smiles were huge and the joy at a day of fun, palpable.